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This is the home of Team Galactica. We are a part of twelvecolonies, an interactive Battlestar Galactica community. Sign up there to be sorted. Should you be assigned to our team, you will be invited to join the community.

Our Theme Song!

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action stations, airlocks, algae, ambrosia, anders, apollo, athena, battlestar galactica, bill adama, bsg, building cabins for the-president, building cells for cylons, building stealthy vipers from-scratch, cag, callsigns, cally, chief tyrol, cic, co-ed bathrooms, crashdown, doc cottle, dradis, drinking too much, drums!!!, dualla, duck, epic background music, epic space battles, escaping, executing traitors, eye-patch, figurski, finding earth, flightsuit up!, forming unlikely alliances, frakking, gaeta, galactica, getting wings, hangar deck, hating gaius baltar, helo, hot dog, ignoring the quorum, jammer, joe's bar, jump!, kara thrace, kat, keep jumping, kicking ass, kobol, lee adama, moustaches, narcho, no mutinies, not-going the wrong way!!!, nothing but the rain, pilots, plotting jumps, pyramid games, racetrack, raptors, rescuing babies, resistance, rolling a hard six, running with guns, salutes, saul tigh, saving your collective asses, seelix, shiny arms, skulls, sleeveless tank tops, slow clapping, smooth running ftl drives, so say we all, socinus, starbuck, stims, striking superior assholes, suicide missions, surviving, the brig, toaster shopping, tylium, uniforms, vipers, what do you hear?, xo, yelling at civilians